Details: The Art of the Camp Breakfast

Should we or should we not? When Camp Comfort was a baby, we had no plans to add breakfast to the mix. As a matter of fact, we originally named Camp Comfort "Camp Comfort Lodging & Events" to avoid the whole food conundrum. We knew nothing about food service and with an enormous staff of two we didn't know how we could possibly do everything! But as usual, we learned something new. People want to eat in the morning. Crazy but true.

So we contacted food service companies, had meetings, ordered samples, and nothing felt right. Everything was a GMO filled, quick, powdered, who knows whats in it mess. Is this want we want to serve our guests? Short of hiring a chef to prepare fresh wholesome small breakfast plates we didn't see how this fast food system would ever work for us or you. We decided to do what we always do when we can't find the answer... nothing. We set up our coffee bar, and opened the doors in January 2014 with no breakfast.

It was a problem, the kind of problem where you can't stop thinking and obsessing and searching. We are problem solvers and we can do this. We had to start somewhere, do something, jump right in and the inspiration would follow. We ordered muffins. Everybody likes muffins, right? We'll put them in the rooms and guests will love them, eat them and it will fill their day with brightness and light.

Well, not so much. We found that we were throwing tons of muffins away. We can only eat so many day-old muffins. Can you believe that not everyone loves muffins!

We wanted more and you our treasured guests wanted more. I studied, googled, and looked at the online world for hours and hours. Put breakfast in the rooms? In the frig? What if they run out? Maybe deliver breakfast each morning to the door step? Who's going to do that? What about squirrels? I'm sure the varmints would love a fresh breakfast every morning. You don't mind sharing do you? No, no and no!

It was settled. We need to put breakfast in a community space each morning and make sure it's fully stocked. It's not a full breakfast, it's what one might call a continental breakfast but I hate that word. So let's call it breakfast snacks. Add a fresh, organic (whenever possible) good for you mix of healthy breakfast foods and display it in an inviting way. That sounded too simple.

We wouldn't get this healthy food from a food distributor and Comfort has very little in the way of food markets so we traveled down the road to HEB. Yes, we buy our breakfast food from HEB. Most of it anyway, we still get muffins, cookies and water delivered but that's all. It's taken us awhile to try different brands, products and offerings but I think we finally have a good mix. Organic yogurt, juice, fresh fruit, cereal, granola, muesli, whole wheat bread with jams. A few extras like kind bars for those on the go and we found it, that magic combination.

I'm the night owl, the keeper of the dark and get most of my work done between the hours of 10pm and 3am. So it was obvious, at least to me, that Mr. Phil would be in charge of breakfast. Now he's a brilliant man. He can calculate math equations in his head that would make a calculator spin but I needed this to be a no brainier from a design perspective, this needed to be as well thought out as anything we've ever tried to do. It's like art. We drew a diagram of where everything would sit. I set it up and took pictures with my phone, we had training sessions about why it's important to have all the labels face the same way. You get the idea.

He does a great job and we have breakfast! How amazing is that? We changed our name to Camp Comfort B&B and we love it. We hope you love it too.



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