Owners Retreat: The Bunkhouse

The idea of owning a Bed & Breakfast is dreamy. You build this beautiful place where friends and family can gather, laugh, bond and make memories. We love it and share it with our friends and family as often as we can. But when the Camp is booked, where do they stay?

We had this old shed in our backyard (picture below). One day, we had an idea. The idea came from where the most brilliant ideas come from... we were sitting in the back yard drinking beer and talking about this pitiful shed. "Let's do something with it", Mr. Phil said. I replied, "Ok" and the rest is history! Please enjoy the pictures of the finished shed, aka: The Bunkhouse

Mr. Phil is working on the old shed.

I have to be very careful what I say to Mr. Phil because I'll mention a project or idea and he's already working on it before I have a plan in place. Most often, plans come second in our world.

The picture above was snapped with my iphone just a few minutes ago. All of the other photographs in this blog were taken by the most beautiful and talented Cathlin McCullough. The exterior wasn't finished when she worked her camera magic on the inside, hence the quick snap.

All of the natural wood inside is from either this shed or Camp Comfort.

The Shed is 10' x 10' with a 4' x 8' bump out on the side for the 3/4 bath.

The walls are 10' and the ceiling at the peak is 14' leaving plenty head height for bunks. You can almost stand up when your in the top bunk.

Build-ins provide storage for dishes and books.

The only thing I would change would be this door. I would have preferred a pocket door but the old walls made it difficult.

Beaded on the ceiling came from the old Bowling Alley walls at Camp Comfort.

This antique lumber for the ladder came from underneath the old bowling lanes at Camp Comfort and has to be at least 115 years old! You can see the stamp from the lumber company.




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