Details: The Morning Kitchen

The idea behind the Morning Kitchen @ Camp was simple. Not every guest wants to jump out of bed and head to a communal space to share their morning with a bunch of strangers. I'm not a morning person myself and I couldn't imagine going to breakfast in my PJ's and actually having to speak to anyone before my morning coffee.

Hence the Morning Kitchen! Coffee, frig, microwave, toaster, sink and the basic dishes to help those who are not early birds wake up with a slow yawn and prepare to enjoy all that Camp has to offer.

At this time, all of our Alley Suites #1 - #4 and both our Cabins #5 - #6 have Morning Kitchens. We do have plans to build a few more cabins that will not offer this special treat... more on that another day.

So let's take a minute to analyze the design and wonderful products and fine craftsmanship that make this tiny kitchen so great.

I always draw a sketch of what I want to see. (I'm not an artist) Mr. Phil and I have worked on so many projects together that we learned a long time ago that communication is key.

#1 - Simple Cabinetry: Always in the shaker style. Always classic and can be painted any color and still look fabulous. In this case, Sherwin Williams SW 7020 Black Fox (Top Picture) and SW 7557 Summer White (Above) My very talented husband, Phil Jenkins (aka Mr. Phil) built the cabinets.

#2 - Knobs: Not just any old knobs will do. Something classic that will not seem outdated next month. Must be sturdy and not overwhelm the simplicity of the cabinets. Knobs and light fixtures are like jewelry, they need to add a touch of class to the overall mix.

#3 - Counter Tops: In a perfect world I would have chosen honed Carrara Marble. They are beautiful and I had used them in our last project and loved them! Unfortunately, they were not an option here. Not only are they pricey, they also need some regular care and maintenance. We needed a work horse option, something that could stand up to 12 packs of beer, late nights and sticky little fingers. So we opted for a man made quartz that looks like the real thing. See below for some options. (via Pinterest and Studio McGee)

#4 - Back Splash Tile: Now here I could splurge. I didn't have a large space to cover so I chose a Carrara Marble (The real thing!) subway tile. It's also a classic choice that won't go out of date quickly but looks like a million bucks!

#5 - Shelving: There is a lot of white going on here and so I wanted to balance everything out with a little natural wood. Having Mr. Phil build shelves out of reclaimed wood seemed like the natural thing to do. Now floating shelves are all the rage now, but I had to ask myself if I felt they would stand the test of time... style wise? I decided "absolutely", especially with all the classic choices I had made so far. The natural wood also draws your eye up as you enter the room and ties directly into the reclaimed wood floor.

#6 - Fixtures: Let's talk about those fixtures! Farm sink with modern faucet. Learning how to mix classic and modern elements together without your space seeming like a cross between the thirties, seventies and today is not easy. I wanted the little kitchens to feel modern and rustic or (classic) at the same time. I felt the farm sink fit right in. Details on the sink are below...

The faucet choice was made using a simple formula: Budget + Style = Danze There are tons of other faucet choices I could have made if the budget had not come into play. But let's get real, it's just a faucet. I would rather pour more money into that back splash tile. I love Danze for their simple yet well made products.

#7 - Lighting: Last but not least, my favorite. Don't you just love that light fixture? I love anything from Schoolhouse Electric. If I could just move into their store in Portland I would.

This is the Princeton Long Sconce 2.25" and I added a pop of color by choosing their Factory Shade No. 3 in this great Turquoise color (no longer available) but they have lots of new colors and I'm sure you could find one that speaks to you.

So that's about it... except for a few appliances. Look for more posts about the Details of our rooms coming soon and we have an exciting new project starting in September so be sure to follow along.




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