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Starting the brand New Year off with lots of learning and inspirtaion could have been a challenge. Thanks to my amazing housekeeper and my beautiful daughter (who fills in any time I need her), I decided to bite the bullet and go for it. First up was a Creative Workshop held @ Camp Comfort for new and old friends to gather and find peace from within that will carry us for 12 months; well hopefully! I wanted to preserve the privacy of those who attended so sorry, no pictures of that event. Let me just tell you, we learned so much! Thinking through the creative process with exercises and inspiration boards, singing lessons, yoga and building (yes, we built a deck!) workshops to help us all realize the strong beautiful and powerful women that we are.

Next... I signed up for #THEARTOFHOSTINGWORKSHOP held by these two amazing creatives: @margotblair (, @mintandmaple (

Here was our schedule:

10:00AM // Grab some fabulous @luckylabatx coffee

10:15AM // Welcome + Introductions 10:30AM // Florals with Carly @margotblair (

11:30AM // Lunch

12:00PM // Brush Lettering with Natalie @mintandmaple (

1:00PM // Cocktails with Floyd @sourcedcraftcocktails (

1:30PM // Hosting 101 with Carly

1:50PM // Q&A and Wrap Up

Here is a sneak peek... Maybe we can convince them to hold a workshop @Campcomforttx


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